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Rainbows in October

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It’s Not Political, It’s Just Life” was designed to create a discourse on the events of the world. Just think, a few years ago, premium gas was around $2.50/gal. After going all the way to just under $5.00, that price has returned again. And as soon as it did, the ‘suits’ were looking for a way to take it back up. The public had money for Christmas for the first time in years with the gas prices so low, but we weren’t supposed to have that much breathing room. The wheels started turning – how can we take that extra money back from the public? By January, they had a solution. Let’s release another virus! 

In addition to the current events of the world, it once was safe to go to the beach at night, and our small businesses were flourishing. Now we have burglars so bold, they’ll take a minivan and drive through plate glass windows to get what they want, in stores that they wouldn’t even go into a few years ago. Today, we are subject to an oligarchy that even President Obama can’t go up against. The zombies on television are really a metaphor for the lemming-like behavior of the general public. 

One good sign is that the younger generation has gotten fed up with the police brutality in this country, and spent most of 2014 and 2015 marching against it. 2016 began with protests to let the powers-that-be know that it’s not over yet. And today, 2017 has been an entire year of protest, from marching against the strangeness in the White House to the sports community coming together against police brutality by ‘taking a knee’ on their respective fields during the pledge. Thank God someone is not letting the ‘lemming’ mentality overtake them and lull them into inaction. They’re not going to allow themselves to be distracted by celebrity goings-on, and other nonsense. The Chicago politicians have their hands full this time, and these young folk won’t allow themselves to be co-opted by the old guard civil rights folks. ‘Bout time! 

Global politics have also been altered dramatically. It seems like our president is hell-bent on starting World War III. However, there are protests rising up on the ‘grass roots’ level around the world, against tyranny and exploitation by governments. It’s wonderful to behold. A true democracy is ruled by the people, and those who are elected must report to them, not the other way around. Hopefully, you will find something said here that will enlighten you, enabling better decisions. Because – we are all works in progress, but do not want our innate intelligence insulted by a spin doctor. 

Feel free to reply with your own thoughts, perspective  or comments on the subjects discussed. Thank you for taking the time to read “It’s Not Political, It’s Just Life.” Also, enjoy our other sites around the ‘Net:

NEW DISPENSATION WEBSITES — Our main website was launched in January 2013. Eventually, this blog and the others will be run from that site. NDW is a place where all of the best features of the ‘Net are available in one place. Web hosting, corporate services, or a Word to get you through. In May 2014, we added a forum there for women who’ve successfully beat BREAST CANCER – No More Biopsy Blues! The forum will be expanded to include patients who may have other types of this scourge, because the info and advice applies to all. Check it out.

2017: IMMEDIATE CHANGE — Immediate means NOW. This is a collection of thoughts about the world we live in. It includes a series on The Biopsy Blues, describing a recent victory over breast cancer.

WEB CLASS99 – This site was specifically for a recent class. The objective was to keep track of my ‘progress,’ as well as include links to relevant web development insights that I encounter in my web adventures. Although that class has ended [yes, I passed it, thank you!], I enjoy doing this in my spare time – sharing tech tidbits for the rest of us. It’s fun, stop by when you have free time.

IT’S NOT POLITICAL, IT’S JUST LIFE – This blog; political discourse without the spin. 

God Bless.



2 comments on “About the Author

  1. Cuz

    Yes, it’s just life that is hurling us on a roller coaster to hell! So many of us are under a deep spell of the “spin doctor” They don’t have a clue on how to read between the lines or recognize they have the power to think for themselves! They allow to go any way the wind blows them. Wake up everyone and shake the spell! Hold those accountable who are destroying our country and what it stands for. Be aware of what’s going on by attending your city and/or town meetings. If you don’t know, find out your alderman/alderwoman’s name. Call them, introduce yourself and request (if possible) they keep you apprised of what’s going on in your community. Find out who your congressman is and do the same. Find out about bills scheduled to pass at the state and federal level that may impact your life for the better or worse. Encourage your family, friends and neighbors to do the same. Stand up and make your voices heard loudly and collectively. It’s the democratic way. Rhetoric? Maybe, but isn’t this part of what made the United States a country?

    • jsbnew

      Thank you for your passion! God Bless…

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