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Homework #3: MRP Video on Net Neutrality

From 12/03/2014; the reasons why I chose Net Neutrality as a subject. A link to the YouTube video I created on this subject is here, and also at the end of this post.

Original-Without Net Neutrality_Jan2014

A widely circulated pro-net-neutrality graphic from 2009. Via

I was drawn to the topic of Net Neutrality because of the uproar it’s causing in the tech world. This is a mat­ter of grave importance to so many, and I felt compelled to pursue it. For the first time in histo­ry, there’s a method by which the average person can voice their opinion on any subject they de­sire. That opinion can be sent around the world instantaneously because of the level of technolo­gy, which has become democratized and ubiquitous at the same time. Anyone can use it, hopefully for good. Info on important, and not so important, subjects is available to all, 24/7.

Why am I connected to Net Neutrality? Because I’ve been using the commercial iteration of the Inter­net since its inception in ’95. It belongs to me as an American citizen, and I don’t want interfer­ence in its use because of corporate greed. When you use the computer both as a communica­tions device and a tool for business for so long, the lines become blurred sometimes in answering a ‘per­sonal or professional’ question. In my case, it’s both. And the Internet’s metamorphic evolution into something that we can’t do without means that we don’t need limits placed on it all of a sud­den.

In retrospect, this can be construed as yet another conspiracy plot. We [the general public] have been made to depend on our Internet access for so many aspects of our lives, then we should be willing to pay any amount to keep it that way. So, the incumbents can charge what they want and no one will complain. We’re continually led to the slaughter like lambs, but I feel this time it won’t happen. Too much is at stake. There was a time, when the ISPs were small mom-and-pop businesses, the large telecom companies tried to eliminate the Internet’s rise to popularity. When they saw they couldn’t beat it, they co-opted it instead.

Prior to delving deeper into the subject of net neutrality, I wasn’t aware of Section 706 of the 1996 Telecom Act, which is the alternative to changing broadband to a Title II Utility classification. In some ways, it would work but it depends on those with the power to act responsibly. That is, make the necessary ad­justments to ensure the price of service doesn’t increase precipitously, and still keeping a ‘short leash’ on the incumbent ISPs.

Research that was necessary for this project has led to a deeper understanding of this subject, and the nuances that the FCC can use to make their eventual rulings lean toward the big business community. I’ve seen large businesses use their size to blot out a smaller company’s rights. Our job is to not let that happen. Since the general media only reports reactionary events, we [the general public] have to keep this as a major issue, just like Ferguson and New York are issues.

The video “Net Neutrality NOW!” can be viewed on YouTube here. Feel free to leave your thoughts.


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