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State of IL Lets Medicaid Patient Die Rather Than Pay

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The Unpublicized Truth!

I just ran across an article in Crain’s Chicago Business from July 8, 2013 that said a woman from Olney, IL has passed away because the State of Illinois wouldn’t pay an Indiana hospital for multiple organ transplants, to save her life. Really? Her name was Barbara Sensney, and she made her transition on July 3rd. The funeral was on the 8th.

On the occasions when I drove downstate, I saw a sign for Olney. It’s near the Indiana state line but quite a ways from I-57, the closest interstate.  There are farms down there, and probably people without a lot of money. This lady was  a mother, grandmother, wife of many years and in general, an ordinary person trying to take care of her family before she got sick. Like the rest of us, right? But Springfield, in its quest to remove every safety net that’s ever been created for people of a certain socioeconomic status, decided that they couldn’t afford to save Mrs. Sesnsey’s life by paying for her multiple surgeries. An earlier article in Crain’s mentioned a 2nd person who also needed expensive surgery who was on Medicaid. Are they going to let them die, too?

Why weren’t these stories on the news at prime time? Why is the local media letting them get away with this level of inhumanity and not say a word? Maybe I missed it. Yes, we were watching the Martin-Zimmerman trial. Yes, we were distracted by the ‘royal birth’ in London, which has absolutely NOTHING to do with NOTHING beneficial for someone in Mrs. Sesnsey’s shoes, and there are a lot of us. It’s not that I knew Mrs. Sesnsey, her town or her circumstances. All I know is that the State let someone die because they are arguing over pension deficits, the bond ratings are in the sewer, and their fallacies are being taken out on the population. That’s all I need to know. It’s wrong on so many levels, it’s crazy.

Illinois State Capitol dome from below

Illinois State Capitol dome from below (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I hope to God that some law firm has a heart and chutzpah  to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the State of Illinois for this dastardly lack of action. How many millions of people have been sent home to die because the State, or even their insurance companies, decided that their condition costs too much to spend the necessary money to save that one life? Did Pat Quinn go to her funeral? Did he leave a couple of dollars  for the family while there?

This time, I’m going to end with a question to you, the readers. Do you think that the State of Illinois should pay to save a life if that person is on Medicaid, no matter what? Your responses are appreciated. God Bless.



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