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Not Guilty: Really?

Emmett & Trayvon

Pic from A. A. Alston Bey.

After spending the evening hanging out with my neighbor, I didn’t hear the verdict until after 1:00 am. It was too late to run downtown and join the protests, but it wasn’t too late to consider the implications of such a ruling. The following is strictly my opinion of this farce, so you are welcome to disagree. Just like that child had the right to walk down the street in peace, but wound up DEAD and UNREQUITED, according to Florida law.

First of all, the jury was all white women. Did any of them have a son? Probably. If so, there’s a special type of mentality to come to a conclusion that a young man walking through an apartment complex was ‘suspicious’ with juice and Skittles in his hands. And there’s a special type of mentality to conclude that any man, woman or child won’t defend themselves if the situation arises. The problem was – Trayvon didn’t have a gun, he had Skittles, because he wasn’t on that type of mission. Are these descendants of the women who used to hold their man’s coat while he was stringing a Black man up on a tree? I would venture to say they are; after all, they’re down south. The first people who the local news stations around here interviewed during the late night protests WERE white women, highly upset about the verdict. They said since the 911 operator had told him to stand down, he needed to be found guilty of something; I agree. So, we can’t blame every one we meet for the jurors’ lack of compassion and foolishness.

Next, the fact that a Black man’s life has been, for the entire time we’ve been in this illustrious country – and that’s whether we got here by force or consent – expendable to the EXTREME, not only to the ‘powers that be,’ but now among themselves. This is like every person who lynched a brother between the Emancipation Proclamation up to the internal killings in the urban areas of America today, the basic premise is the same. The life of a Black man is still considered to be not worth honoring, saving or vindicating. Actually, that sentiment is international, but we Americans do it on a global scale, taking our mess to other countries.

English: President Lyndon B. Johnson signs the...

English: President Lyndon B. Johnson signs the Voting Rights Act of 1965 while Martin Luther King and others look on (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Earlier today, one of Bill Moyers‘ guests, Historian Gary May, was discussing the recent gutting of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. They showed old footage of Rev. C.T. Vivian standing on the courthouse steps in Selma, AL, telling Sheriff Jim Clark why the Black folk were determined to register to vote. He half listened to Rev.Vivian‘s tirade [which was, by the way, eloquent], turned his back, and then hauled off hit him so hard in the face that he fell backwards down the stairs. And the Rev. got up, still talking! Actually, I remember it; I was very young, in grammar school, but my mother had the strangest expression on her face. Rev. Vivian’s bloody face was on televisions all over the world. A physical slap in the face of another Black man, rather than a ‘legal’ one like in Trayvon’s case [and probably a million others]. It hasn’t stopped, but yet – how many murders will be tallied this weekend? Something is SERIOUSLY wrong with us, as a people and as a nation.

Trayvon’s family has the right to file a civil suit, like the one against O.J. Simpson, a wrongful death suit. However, they’re going to have to regroup to get to that point. The fact is – Zimmerman should be locked up. He will be looking over his shoulder for a long time to come, because there are many folk who aren’t happy about this, and are not as peaceful as we’d like them to be. Then, the cycle starts all over again. Are you tired of this merry-go-round of injustice? Did someone forget that the citizens of the African continent were here first, and they migrated to the ends of the earth, even when the continents were still connected? Then the colors started changing, according to the climates wherein they settled. Guess what, southern ladies on the jury? You’ve got  piece of me, Trayvon, and all people of color inside of you; get a DNA test and you’ll see.


4 comments on “Not Guilty: Really?

  1. Cuz

    As racist as this country is, I wasn’t too shocked with the verdict. They didn’t arrest murderer Zimmerman until there was a national outcry. It always has been, is and will be “open season” to murder Black males in America. Had it been the other way around, Trayvon would have been immediately arrested, tried and convicted for murdering an “unarmed white(???) man.” Murderer Zimmerman was ordered NOT TO PURSUE Trayvon. Yet, he blatantly disobeyed orders and boldly went after this kid. Why? Because he had nothing to fear, he was armed and just itching (in my opinion) for an excuse to “blow this suspect (???) away.” I believe this is 1st degree murder. Zimmerman more than likely provoked this kid, his true intent for his excuse to murder Trayvon. Justice for murderer Zimmerman, may he relive every second of this travesty/murder, every waking moment of the rest of his life.

    • jsbnew

      Cuz, that is so eloquent, there’s nothing more to say! Thank you for stopping by and making your opinion known.

  2. Nephew

    My message to my students will be this is a slap against all young life. I guarantee it won’t be long before a white boy gets slain in the exact same manner. It won’t receive the coverage though

    • jsbnew

      That’s so true, Nephew. That white boy just might be the perpetrator himself, if he doesn’t leave town in a hurry. I don’t see him walking around free ever again, because there are too many folk that aren’t in possession of all their faculties who disagree with what happened. It’s only a matter of time.

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