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A Real-Life Minimum Wage and Other Reality Checks

Elizabeth Warren - Getty Files Picture

Elizabeth Warren – Getty Files Picture

Just because these drafts were never posted back in March and April when the Biopsy Blues began distracting me, it doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve to be read. These important topics are never too old, because they still affect our daily lives. ===================

REALITY CHECK #1 In the course of various life issues, I ran across this article today when I had spare time to read. This lady is turning out to be the only real person that Obama has on his team, besides Atty. General Holder.  I gave up on your President when he said [with a straight face, no less] that one could strive to make $9/hr. for minimum wage. That was the most LUDICROUS statement I’ve ever heard in my life, and I thought about all of the times he was protected by me and defended from the likes of  Tavis Smiley and Professor Cornell West. I love them otherwise, they talk about many subjects that are being ignored. But they do call the President out, on everything under the sun; things that he can’t control, but many that he can but  doesn’t. But Mrs. Warren told the truth – at least $22/hr. to make any sense of this life in America as it presently stands. That’s all we ask – let it make sense, and STOP insulting our intelligence. Elizabeth Warren heard us, and she’s the only person that can give Hillary a hard time if she decides to run for President in 2016. Read this article about her opinion on a real, living minimum wage. ======

Minimum wages nationwide.


REALITY CHECK #2  Today is a good day to discuss the events of the last week and make room for what’s to come. Only God can see around the corner.  The pundits who say they can are lying.


President Barack Obama delivers the State of the Union address in the House Chamber at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., Feb. 12, 2013. (Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy)

The Minimum Wage With a Straight Face – During his State of the Union Address back in February, President Obama said that it’s important to raise the minimum wage to at least $9.00/hr. to help working families who are still poor. Really? President, you know doggone well [no disrespect] that $9.00 isn’t enough for a single person, let alone a family. The data shows [try the Census Bureau] most heads of household who are making minimum wage are SINGLE MOTHERS.

So, they are paying rent or mortgage, utilities, telephone, and daycare or school fees. $9.00 isn’t nearly enough. What if there’s more than one child? She’s through, doing all kinds of stuff on the side to make some money, and you know it. She has to be bothered with some strange-looking dude to help pay her rent or the children’s school fees. Help, Lord. You should see the women in this neighborhood that are ‘for sale.’ I say that because that’s the only earthly reason they would  leave the house dressed as they do, unless they were looking for a transaction. However, is it because they are trying to maintain as single-parent households?

If I recall, President, your mother was also single for a while, right? That’s alright, we all know we have to make it, one way or another.  However, there really are some obstacles that only God can eliminate on our behalf. That’s what prayer will do. But as the child of a single parent w/supportive grandparents around, much of the financial trauma that goes with being that child was probably avoided. It’s not that it was intentional, but some of it you haven’t experienced and can only assume. We have believed, and listened hard, but haven’t heard what we need to hear, or seen the action we need to see from you.

There’s a segment of the population that has punished our fellow citizens who’ve spoken out against your policies on ignoring your immediate constituents. Coming to Chicago last week was good on one hand, and useless on the other. Unfortunately, the ‘boys’ are calling your bluff because they shot a couple of people while you were here, and immediately after.

This blatant disrespect for life is not your fault, and no one can blame you for it. However, at the beginning of your 2nd term, you seemed determined not to let the distractions of Republicans get in the way of what needs to be done. However, at this point, seems like it’s not happening, again. You’re wasting the time you have left. Do executive orders, and let them scream in the wind. But you? You keep going, your time in office is running out. These children need support from you in order to stop shooting. And we all know they see through B.S. in a minute, again no disrespect; just truth.



Jeff Bliss - Source: Facebook

Jeff Bliss – Source: Facebook

Remember the young man on Thurs. 05/09/13 that told his teacher she needs to learn how to teach and left? Here’s the link. He had an epiphany when he’d dropped out for a year. He realized that he couldn’t make it without an education, so he went back to school. And when he got there, he wound up with a teacher that couldn’t teach. The thing is, he had the chutzpah to tell her to her face, which I appreciate. God bless him.


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