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The Unpublicized Truth: Venezuela Helping to Heat U.S. Homes

The Coat of arms of Venezuela

I ran across an article this week on the fact that the Venezuelan state-owned oil company has been providing heating oil to low-income Americans since 2005. As a news aficionado,  I don’t remember seeing this story on any of the major networks. Once something comes out, whether good or bad, they all run with it. Why didn’t it happen on this one?

Our blog here is not written by a student of international politics. However, something that hits close to home like this – the fact that light, heat and communication are the essence of life in today’s world – and the fact that it’s hard to maintain for many, many people is newsworthy, don’t you think? Especially when someone who’s been demonized for so long is the one doing the good deed, while our illustrious Senate and House spend too much time interrogating the President’s cabinet nominees, or making foolish declarations of policy.

Do you remember when immediately after Hurricane Katrina, President Hugo Chavez, the President of Nigeria and other oil-producing countries offered to directly help the people affected by the storm and Bush told them no? Well, it happened. Sometimes, we have selective memory. Thank God for the Internet; there’s much more than games, rappers, pretty girls and celebrity divorces. Just pay attention. Every site that mentions this story is not considered a ‘mainstream’ source of international news.

Read this great article by Brett Wilkins, Venezuela donates free heating oil to 100,000 needy US households, on Digital Journal. There’s also a video by RT America on YouTube, where it was mentioned and a recipient of this generosity was interviewed.


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