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New Year, Same Old Stories

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This first week of 2013 has been full of turmoil, both on the state and national fronts. In both cases, the legislators left major funding initiatives hanging while they made sure that the rum company, the race car track owners and some other obscenely innocuous entities are getting paid. Not the victims of Hurricane Sandy, although it was taken care of Friday instead of earlier in the week, and at much less money that was requested. That’s been granted to the new Congress to deal with on Jan. 15th.

On the state level, they are wasting time in Springfield rather than seriously address the pension funding matter.  A House committee approved it today, but they only have until tomorrow to do anything, lest it goes to the next session on Wednesday, 01/09. If it does, they must start over again. Look at the time wasted. However, they did take the time to pass a special drivers license for undocumented residents, because they can make money from them.

In both cases, we voted them in. In both cases, again they get to their respective Capitols and make fools out of the electorate. How long will we tolerate this? In the classic song “Winter in America” by Gil Scott-Heron, he says “all of the heroes have been killed or sent away,” and then says “nobody’s fighting because nobody knows what to save; save your soul.” How appropriate for 2013. But we can’t leave it like that; we have to fight, God gave us the power to do so.


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