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Chicago Teachers’ Strike: Pay Me For These Extra Hours


Look at the Bright Side

Stormy and sunny at the same time, like this strike.

This concludes the 2nd day of the Chicago Teachers Union [CTU] strike. Thousands of children have nowhere to go; thousands of parents are having problems juggling work and parking their kids somewhere safe. And why did this happen?

It happened because at the beginning of the 2011-12 school year, the previously negotiated pay raise of 4% was snatched out of their hands by Mayor Rahm Emanuel. it was replaced with an extension of the school day, duplicity [negotiating with individual schools and paying off the principals], and Chicago-style bogarding, ‘this is what we’re doing and you can’t do anything about it.’  However, the CTU said NO WAY. That’s why they’re on strike.

The CPS had a year to come up with something that both sides could agree upon, but waited until the last minute. They waited for the mediator to come up with a plan over the summer that neither of them liked. They continued to wait and not offer anything rational or fair. That’s why they’re on strike.

So, where does that leave the children and their parents? You better talk to Rahm, Karen and her crew are doing what they should do, not taking it anymore. Good luck, CTU. The job you all do every day, with little parental support, with coming out of your pockets, with sitting in overcrowded, non-air conditioned rooms all day with children who’ve had various amounts of home training — you deserve ever dollar you get. God Bless.




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